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* Will Hives said....

> >> I guess you must all be getting very bored with this type of question..but
> >> away.. I have recently put together a simple news section which allows admin
> >> people to add, edit and delete stories from the site...I would like to add
> >> the function of adding an image to a story...I have managed to use the
> >> upload image script ok but can't work out how to link the image to the story
> >> ID.
> > 
> > When you say link it, what would be the purpose? If you have many
> > stories and many pictures that's one thing but if it's not so many then
> > that is another.
> > Presuming your id's are the keys to the database then perhaps you could
> > re-name the image to include that key? (I have no idea off hand how to
> > do this but I'm sure it's relatively simple)
> Sorry when I say link I mean that the story has an image with it so when the
> story header is clicked it shows the full story with image....does that make
> any sense?

Well, the way I've done it is to make the image URL a field in the story
database. Very simple and effective. (have scarf+coat on back in ˝hr)

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