If anyone can help me out, that'd be greatly appreciated.  I'm trying to 
create an upload form.  Now I've checked both in books and online, and maybe 
it's becuase I'm trying a weird application, but I can't seem to get uploads 
greater than 6 megs.  If it is greater than 6 megs, it loads up a blank page 
even if I have the PHP script that outputs an HTML file.  Anyway I checked 
online when I was first did this and figured out to increase the max value 
in the php.ini file from 2 megs to much higher.  I'm still having trouble 
Here's what I am using
Omnihttpd 2.09
PHP 4.02
Windows 98 (4.10.1998)
and IE 4.72.3110
So if anyone knows why I can't upload files greater than 6 megs 
(approximate) it'd be greatly appreciated if you'd help me.  Thanks


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