This is a tough one to explain but here goes. Running php as cgi on

I am converting from FirstBase (cgi macro processor) to php and I need
to process a php script from Firstbase running as a cgi program.

The problem is php ignores the command line (-f and script parameters)
passed in popen and tries to process my firstbase script instead.

fb is very close to php so here is my FirstBase script:

 chdir( path_dir );

 fh = popen( "/usr/local/bin/php -f wzdownload.php", "r");

 if (fh < 0)
    print( "failed to open stream" );

  while (fgets(buf, 4096, fh) > 0)
  print( buf );
  print( "<br>" );

 pclose( fh )


Any ideas as to how to work around this?

Thanks in advance

Ken Gregg
Enhanced Data Systems, Inc. for the best in Southwest Oregon Real Estate

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