> Hey guys guess what.. the problem is fixed the was that at mailaddr.txt sense
> the e-mails are each on one line each line has \n that crashed when asigning it
> at mail() , ill make a note of this on the manul.. I have included below the
> script iam now using.. what do you guys think?
> Josepablo Pérez
> ---------------------------------------------
> $maildb = file("mailaddr.txt");
> foreach ($maildb as $address)
> {
> $addr_format=explode("\n",$address);
> mail($addr_format[0],"$subject", "$message\n", "From: $from\n");
> }


=So busy looking at the mail() that didn't see what was happening before - and my test 
rig took data from an
array (no terminating newline chars) and worked happily, but completely side-stepped 
the real problem...

=if it works, it's right!

=note for future: don't use files and records, use db fields!

=well done everybody,

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