> I dont think its possible without Java programing.

its posible to keep a http connection open and trust on flush() to send some
data to the client, if this data contains javascript you could update a
window or something... if you want to make this safe: make sure you use a
combination of a open http connection with flush() and reload the frame your
flush()'ing time to time (in case of a proxy server)

shoplist for a chat:
* 3 frames: 1 to display incomming data, 1 to have a input field and post to
the server and 1 to receive data from your http stream (could be hidden)

* some javascript to move the data from the http stream window to the
display window

* a db backend and maybe a check (with the post, or the refresh) which lines
have been received by the client

* a cute design :)

with kind regards,
Joffrey van Wageningen

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