I am doing an insert into a EMPTY mysql table.
1 field is an auto increment.

here is the error I get when I do the insert

"Column count doesn't match value count at row 1"

What does this mean ?

Here is the php used to insert it.



if ($submit == "sign!")
        $query = "insert into account_details
                (account_number, account_type, account_name,
account_address, account_addres1, account_address2, account_address3,
account_address4, account_address5, account_contact, account_phone,
account_fax, account_email, account_start_date, account_authorised_credit,
account_pin, account_disabled_flag, metered_jobs, unmetered_jobs,
account_pin_activate) values
('$account_number', '$account_type', '$account_name', '$account_house',
'$account_street', '$account_street1', '$account_street2', '$account_town',
'$account_city', '$account_postcode', '$account_country',
'$account_contact', '$account_phone', '$account_fax', '$account_email',
'$account_start', '$account_credit_authorised', '$account_pin',
'$account_disabled_flag', '$metered_job_count', '$unmetered_job_count',

mysql_query($query) or
        die (mysql_error());

<H2> Data Submitted </H2>
<H2> <A HREF="view_test_records.php"> View the records </A></H2>



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