What is it you actually want to do? Add the current date/time or a timestamp
entered on the submitting form? See date() for the former. Once you've got
your stamp in a format you want just add it to the front of the story before
saving. Give us a bit more detail about what it is that isn't working, or
the code that you want to modify.

(also) Tim
www.chessish.com <http://www.chessish.com> 

        From:  Tim Bogart [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
        Sent:  23 January 2002 17:47
        To:  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
        Subject:  phpwiki save button

        Hello everybody.  My name is Tim and I am new to this list.  I am
not a 
        programmer and don't even play one on tv.  

        I've recently installed and have started to attempt to customize
phpwiki.  I 
        need to modify the way the "save" button works.  I not only need it
to do the 
        save, but I would like it to append a date and time stamp to the
text being 
        posted to the wiki.  My first choice would that the line of text
being typed 
        would be prefixed with the stamp rather than slapping it on the end.
This I 
        believe would be the most ergonomically convienient for those
reading that 
        which has been posted.

        Is there anybody out there willing to give me a hand.  


        Tim B.

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