I'm running a logs system where log entries are .log files with filenames
like 03012002.log for January 3rd, 2002. You can view when logs have been
posted with a calendar, which will make the particular day a link if that
day's log file exists. I'm thinking of storing the log entries in a mysql
database, using code somewhat like the following:

$query = "select username, log, date_format(date, '%a %b %D') as date, from
logs    where username = $username";
$dates =  mysql_db_query($bb_news_db, $query) or die("Select Failed!");
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($dates)) {

So that each log entry would be put in the $date[] array, and then when the
calendar script wanted to find out if there was an entry by that user on
that particular day, it would just have to check the $date[] array.Will
there be any speed difference between this and my current (file_exists();)

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