If you are using a table with AUTO_INCREMENT set for one of the fields, 
the default is for MySQL to assign any new row an AUTO_INCREMENT value 
that is one higher than the currently highest value in that column.  In 
other words, MySQL by default does exactly what you say you are trying 
to do.

Unless there is some sort of optimization reason for wishing to 
manipulate the actual location of the data within the table, you 
shouldn't try to force MySQL to store the row in any particular place -- 
just let MySQL do the data work, and you just focus on constructing 
queries that are "optimized" according to the rules of relational 
database SQL.  It shouldn't matter to you where MySQL actually puts the 
data, only whether or not your queries will return the results you want 
in a timely fashion.


On Thursday, January 24, 2002, at 06:37  PM, Phil Schwarzmann wrote:

> Okay, so when I INSERT a row of information into a MySQL database, I
> don't want it to place it at the first empty row it finds....I want it
> to put it after the very last exsisting row.
> One of the fields of the database is an AUTO_INCREMENT type, so Im
> assuming Im gonna use that in the query.
> How would I write a query to do this??
> THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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