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* and then P. Westover blurted....
> I'm looking for someone who has some extra time, who will answer my
> questions and guide me in the right direction with a project I'd like to
> create.  I would like to work with one person, because everyone has their
> own way of doing things.  I would like to avoid the "too many cooks"
> syndrome.

That's a little unrealistic don't you think? The best way to learn php
is to experiment, when it goes wrong consult the manual, and if you
still don't get it come here.

> I have been studying the 6 books I bought, but I feel I'm missing something.

That's a lot of books, the only thing you should be missing is a whole
heap of cash.

> Please...only respond if you can follow through.  I'll give the details to
> the responders and then you decide if you want to take me on or not.

As a list member I'm always happy to lend a hand in those area's I'm
knowlegeable in. That's the beuty of it. It doesn't matter how good you
are there will always be areas that you are weak in, but on a list like
this you'll always find someone strong in the area you need help with.

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