I have a HTML-Form where user's can enter their website-address. Some of you know the 
resulting problem for sure: most users enter "www.php.net", some users enter 
"http://www.php.net"; and some others enter "http://www.php.net/";. The last version is 
IMHO the most correct form. ("http://www.php.net"; is commonly used, but afaik it's 
either the webbrowser or the webserver which appends the missing /).
So my problem was to rewrite the url's so that entered URL's will be displayed 
correct, no matter how the user entered it. For this purpose I wrote following 

function rewriteURL($url, $base=""){
  $purl = parse_url($url);
  if (!isset($purl['scheme']) || (!$purl['scheme'])){
   $url = "http://".$url; }
  $purl = parse_url($url);
  if ((!isset($purl['path'])) || (!$purl['path'])){
   $url .= '/'; }
  return $url;

My Questions:
-Are there URLs which could be entered correct and become wrong when rewritten with 
that function? (Yes, I have tested the function myself, but there are too many 
possibilities so it's impossible for me to cover all of them)
-What was the best way to check, if the give address really exists? (I thought on a 
test like this:
$exists = true;
@fopen($url) or $exists = false;
return $exists;)

Stefan Rusterholz

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