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Subject: Re: [PHP] Correct URL's

> Stefan Rusterholz wrote
> > What was the best way to check, if the give address really exists?
> Just try this function:
> http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.gethostbyname.php
> It returns the IP address of the given domain. Normally a domain can be
> accessed by the browser if it has a valid IP address and everything is
> configured correctly.

But if I understand this function right, It will only work for URLs like
http://www.php.net/ - what if the user has a free space from his ISP which
is located in a subdir like http://www.php.net/users/myhome/?

> Please do not send HTML messages.
Sorry, Outlook is crap and I'm just too lazy to buy (on Win you have to buy
almost everything) another e-mail client for my working machine.
But I finally moved my ass and changed the options to "send text-only
mails". I hope you are happy now :) (m$ thought it was a good idea to hide
those options as good as possible - I disagree with them, but that's just
normal ;-)

> Alexander

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