Sorry for my past ignorance using this news site forum I can only out this
down to my lack of knowledge.

I have been work on me first script for some time now and have been making
good progress up until now. I have a script that adds a author to the
database, ID, Name, Email, Picture Name.

When a author is added it uploads their details plus it uploads and renames
the image...that is working fine. It all falls down when I try and call the
new file name to show the picture. It is uploading the original file name to
the database and not the renamed version.

I would be very grateful for any pointers on how this small problem can be
solved. I hope this makes more sense than previous threads I have submitted.


Here is the script as it stands:

$sql = "INSERT INTO $table_name (id, name, email, picture_name)
VALUES ('$id', '$name', '$email', '$picture_name') ";

$result = @mysql_query($sql, $connection) or die ("couldn't execute query");

if ($picture != "") {

$path = "/home/main/main/php/";
$datee = date("sdFy");
move_uploaded_file($picture,$path . $datee . $picture_name);


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