To start with MySQL tables aren't sorted unless some type of maintenance is 
taking place, and many of those operations can be done on copies of the 
tables. Check for more 

Given that, I would expect the person maintaining the database would take 
it off line.

The "sort" is handled by the way in which you use ORDER BY in your SELECT 
statement, so it doesn't affect the underlying table structure. MySQL 
is  thread-safe, so different users can execute SELECT and UPDATE's 
simultaneously. A SELECT wouldn't affect an UPDATE.

In terms of timeliness of UPDATEs and SELECTs, that's almost a non-issue as 
one cannot know in advance what will be updated or inserted.

Regards - Miles Thompson

At 10:22 AM 1/25/2002 -0500, Phil Schwarzmann wrote:
>So let's say Bill is accessing a MySQL table and is about to UPDATE some
>information on a particular row.  Meanwhile, Al is doing a sort on that
>same table.
>Couldn't Al's sorting possibly screw up Bill's updating??  Or does
>MySQL have some built in functions that prevent this?

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