Phil Schwarzmann wrote:
> So let's say Bill is accessing a MySQL table and is about to UPDATE some
> information on a particular row.  Meanwhile, Al is doing a sort on that
> same table.
> Couldn't Al's sorting possibly screw up Bill's updating??  Or does
> MySQL have some built in functions that prevent this?
> Thanks!
> Phil

This is really better suited to the mysql list but anyway -
In your case If Al started the sort first the update would wait until
the select is finished for the update.
MYsql has this wonderful feature called table locking - so an update
needs to lock the table preventing access to it.
So your data wont get stuffed, you'll just get the typical MYsql
slowness when you've got a lot of updating and reading going on.

You need not suffer this get a database that doesn't block readers (eg
Al wanting to read the table while bill updates it) use something 
like Postgresql ( or Fierbird ( both are

Or you could use INNodb tables in MYsql as they don't block readers
either. But MYsql is missing a lot of basic stuff like sub selects so if
you have a choice dump MYsql.
MYsql is not noted for its performance with a lot of concurrent

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