On Friday, January 25, 2002, at 04:24  PM, Nick Wilson wrote:
> <tip>
>     Try to keep your posts a little shorter
>     if only for the sake of the dialup users ;)
> </tip>

Thanks for the tip, but I find that a more verbose message makes 
explicit what I am asking.  How many times have you seen "I break my 
code with this error message:  (error message.)  Please help meEee!!!" 
and that's it.

Do you suggest this tip whenever someone includes the contents of the 
last ten messages of a thread as quoted material below their three lines 
of response?

In fact, a couple of times over the course of this week I've opened an 
email from Nick Wilson saying "Please post more information about your 
problem if you want us to help you."  Which I think is appropriate, and 
I'm not criticizing you for this.  But it takes a few extra seconds out 
of everyone's day to read messages like this, even those of us with high 
speed access.  Don't you agree that if everyone took a few more words to 
say what they mean, we'd actually save a bit of bandwidth in the long 


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