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* and then Erik Price blurted....
> On Friday, January 25, 2002, at 04:24  PM, Nick Wilson wrote:
> ><tip>
> >    Try to keep your posts a little shorter
> >    if only for the sake of the dial-up users ;)
> ></tip>
> Do you suggest this tip whenever someone includes the contents of the 
> last ten messages of a thread as quoted material below their three lines 
> of response?
Occasionally. The point of threading is /follow/ a conversation not
build upon it each time by repeating. Generally accepted net etiquette
is to quote only what is necessary for someone picking up a thread in
the middle to get the general idea. (and of course to quote the points
you are responding to :)

> In fact, a couple of times over the course of this week I've opened an 
> email from Nick Wilson saying "Please post more information about your 
> problem if you want us to help you."  Which I think is appropriate, and 

Sure, it's always a Q. of balance.

> I'm not criticizing you for this.  But it takes a few extra seconds out 

Are you certain?

> of everyone's day to read messages like this, even those of us with high 
> speed access.  Don't you agree that if everyone took a few more words to 
> say what they mean, we'd actually save a bit of bandwidth in the long 
> run?

I just thought your post was a little over detailed for what you were
actually asking. I didn't mean to cause offense hence the friendly way
of expressing my point as opposed to the 'well I'm not actually swearing
so it's OK to flame people right?' approach.

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