Hi all,

Here is the situation.

I have Windows 2000 SP2, IIS5 running PHP 4.1.1 using CGI.

My PHP folder is C:\php
Extension Folder is: C:\php\extension
PHP.INI file: extention_dir = "C:\php\extension\"

First problem that I have is loading extensions. Every time I try to
uncomment an extension on PHP.INI I get the following message after restart

[Unable to load dynamic library 'C:\php\extension\php_db.dll' - The
specified procedure could not be found]

I also want to mention that I tried the follwing in PHP.INI...

extention_dir = ".;C:\php\extension\"
extention_dir = ",;C:\php\extension\"
extention_dir = "C:/php/extension/"

Obs.: All DLL's the came with the original package are there.

Second problem is that every single script I execute in my server it gives
me the following error...

[PHP Warning: Undefined property: blabla in c:\blabla\blabla]

Obs.: The 'blablabla' is representing the propperty and the folder

Thank you guys. I hope I get some good help. I need it really bad. I've been
burning my brain on this for the past 2 weeks.

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