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I could be very very very wrong on this, but I think that if you want to 
access MySQL through ASP you need an ODBC in between it and I think that will 
slow things down. Far as I know PHP uses the MySQL libraries and that SHOULD 
(again, I'm NOT sure) take away some of the extra overhead ODBC has and it 
should thus be faster with PHP. (Assuming you don't run PHP on a windows box, 
in which case you might need to use ODBC as well, but again, not sure about 
that, I never use any of these on windoze machines.... why get things so 
complicated when it runs so smooth with apache/php/mysql under linux...)

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> * and then liz lynch blurted....
> > sorry i should have explained myself abit better.....i am a huge fan of
> > php hence why i subscribe to this mailing list. its just that i need to
> > settle an argument. my understanding is that php works better with mysql
> > however a friend of mine is adament that asp will work just as well. i am
> > not sure!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Hehe, well truth is I'm not sure either but I expect that performance
> wise it would be very similar. It's when you start talking about
> documentation and envoirnment as Micheal said that you'll notice the
> difference.
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