If ASP is as slow with MySQL as it is with native Microsoft DBs (Access, SQL
Server), then you may be in trouble.  I did some work for a friend who owns
a hosting company on a site done in ASP and the worst part of the whole
thing was testing because the database was so slow.  He's got some high-end
servers, too, so it wasn't the system slowing it down.  I have my personal
site with him and it seems to load stuff from MySQL about 2-5 times as fast
as the ASP-based sites load from SQL Server.

My two cents.

Mike Frazer

"Jon Farmer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
025001c1a810$587b6730$[EMAIL PROTECTED]">news:025001c1a810$587b6730$[EMAIL PROTECTED]...
> > sorry i should have explained myself abit better.....i am a huge fan of
> php
> > hence why i subscribe to this mailing list. its just that i need to
> > an argument. my understanding is that php works better with mysql
> a
> > friend of mine is adament that asp will work just as well. i am not
> > sure!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Hmm I have to say it would depend on the quality of the ODBC driver you
> would be using.
> For instance: would you be able to get the insert id with ASP as easily as
> PHP?
> Look at all the MySQL functions in PHP and ask your friend hwo they would
> accomplish this in ASP.
> I would be interested to hear what your friend has to say to this, I would
> appreciate if you would drop me his/her reaction..
> Regards
> Jon
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