> first create an instance of class B like this...
> $test = new classB();
> Now, u can refer to any function or method of classB like this:
> $test->hello(); // where hello() is a method of classB..

That's not what the original question was, though.  David (I think, unless
I got my nested replies wrong), was looking to call a method of ClassA
with an object of ClassB:

> > If I have a PHP class (let's say it's called ClassA), how do I call a
> > method from another class (ClassB) within ClassA?  Thanks.

The answer to this question, unless my OOP theory is gone, is that you
can't, unless ClassB is an extension of classA.

So if you have:

class ClassA {
  // some vars
  function get_contents() {
    // some stuff
    return $something;

and then:

class ClassB extends ClassA {
  // some vars
  function display_contents() {
    print $this->get_contents();

Then you're good.  Otherwise, I don't think it's possible...

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