On Thursday 31 January 2002 04:00, Matthew Walker wrote:

> What I am trying to do is have a line of text break at a "space" after
> reading 19 words.  Having read the various methods of finding and
> replacing one character with another, I settled on preg_replace as my
> best choice, but this function doesn't accept a space in the regular
> expression slot.  What can I do to get around this, or is there a better
> function than the one I selected?
> $statement=preg_replace(" ","<br>",$original,19);
>  Warning:  Empty regular expression in /home/www/host/document.php on
> line 71

Did you want to do this *every* 19 words or just the first 19 words?

What you could do is 

1) explode() the line of text into an array
2) array_shift() and print the first 19 elements
3) print line break
4) repeat from (2) if necessary

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