Hi Guys,

  I got some sweet responses like using cat and using Output Buffering functions.  But 
then what i really want is to provide user with the interface like this :

Pregeneration Program

Step 1 - Choose you Header file [             ]   [Browse] - here they will choose the 
header file

Step 2 - Choose you Body file [             ]   [Browse] - here they will choose the 
content body file

Step 3 - Choose you Footer file [             ]   [Browse] - here they will choose the 
footer file

Step 4 - Please give the output File Name [              ] - The file can be saved in 
the same directory where this program is running

[ Generate ] - This is a button

  When they press generate then step4 file should be created combining the step1, 
step2 and step3 files.  Obviously this will take them to the  next page where this 
operations will be carried out the then they will be shown the succes or failure.

  Hope now you understand what i really want.

  Environment  - Win NT, PHP 4.0.6, Apache

  Looking forward for your response.


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