Hello There

I'm new to PHP and trying to code a function that reads all teh files out of
a directory and printing out a link and the filesize,
but it seems that the filesize() function doesn't work, here's the code so

                 $handle = opendir ('images');
                 echo "Files:<br><br>";
                 while (false !== ($file = readdir ($handle))) {
                             if($file != "." && $file != "..")
                             $file_s = filesize($file);
                             echo "<a href=images/$file>$file</a> Filesize:

and the output is somethingl ike this:

button_test_04.gif Filesize:
button_test_03-down.gif Filesize:
lilextras_01.gif Filesize:
(and so on)...

You see, there's no Filesize and I don't know why, please help me

-- manu

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