Hi all,

I'm a php programmer building my first server.
I think I need some advice. I'm trying to build a very small server on a
win98 machine.
I just installed PWS, then I installed PHP4 as a CGI module using the
'self'-installer from php.net. Then I installed mySQL, latest version.

I know PWS worx, since all local pages can be seen through the browser (also
asp pages). mySQL also worx. I can perform mySQL statements in my DOS

But somehow the php code doesn't function/isn't parsed right. The code isn't
really executed, but displayed as HTML in my browser.

Can anybody give me some advice, on what is going wrong?

Any tips are much appreciated! Thanx.

Wilbert Enserink

Pas de Deux 
Van Mierisstraat 25 
2526 NM Den Haag 
tel 070 4450855 
fax 070 4450852 

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