Hi there :) Check this out. It grabs the date from your table, and uses the
mktime and date functions to format the date properly :)

//format the gamedate for display below
$month = substr($gamedate, 5, 2);
//print $month . "<BR>";
$day = substr($gamedate, 8, 2);
//print $day . "<BR>";
$year = substr($gamedate, 0, 4);
//print $year . "<BR>";

$gamedateinsecs = mktime(0,0,0,$month, $day, $year);

$formattedgamedate = date('F j Y',$gamedateinsecs);
//print $formattedgamedate;

Hope this helps you out :)
Joe / Lerp :)

"Jorge Arechiga" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Hi everybody

I hope someone can help me in an issue on where i've been stuck for a while.
I'm trying to show a date from a Table in SQLServer7
when i use this :
<tr><td align="right" width="60%"><? echo

the browser shows me the date correctly and the result is this:  2002-02-01
Obviously i want to format the date so i use the date() function and the
code is like this:
<tr><td align="right" width="60%"><? echo date("m d

But when i want to see the date in the browser the date doesn´t match with
the real date and the result is this:

            12 31 1969
Does anybody knows how coul i fix this, so the displayed date matches with
the one that is in the database?
Thank a lot

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