<? echo date("m d > 

date accepts unix timestamps, not strings, so you have to convert that 
string to a unix time with strtotime.


Jorge Arechiga wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I hope someone can help me in an issue on where i've been stuck for a while.
> I'm trying to show a date from a Table in SQLServer7
> when i use this :
>       <tr><td align="right" width="60%"><? echo
> (odbc_result($resultd1,'date1'));?></td></tr>
> the browser shows me the date correctly and the result is this:  2002-02-01
> 11:31:00
> Obviously i want to format the date so i use the date() function and the
> code is like this:
>       <tr><td align="right" width="60%"><? echo date("m d
> Y",odbc_result($resultado,'fechaasignacion'));?></td></tr>
> But when i want to see the date in the browser the date doesn´t match with
> the real date and the result is this:
>               12 31 1969
> Does anybody knows how coul i fix this, so the displayed date matches with
> the one that is in the database?
> Thank a lot
> George

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