Don't worry, I'll post back to yourmessage with something relevant!

I would recommend redirecting according to what language the user has
selected in their browser as an IP address can be unreliable e.g. someone in
India could be using an IP address which is registered to an English
speaking company.
If you only wanted to allow certain users access to certain pages (those
using IP addresses which you know are from an Indian ISP) then this method
would be ok. You can read the $REMOTE_ADDR or $X_FORWARDED_FOR variables
from any PHP page usually and this will give you the IP of the user.

If your site is running on Apache web server, it has a built in language
selection 'service' which loads a page with a different file extension
depending on the language chosen by the user. If the user had [en-gb]
selected (english - uk) as their first language and a request is sent for
index.htm, Apache will produce index.htm.en instead but it will appear to
the user as index.htm (this might only work though if you request index.htm
by typing Similarly, if the user had [in]
selected for Indian Apache would produce
You have to enable this in httpd.conf and there's more infor in the Apache
docs I think.


"[EMAIL PROTECTED]" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Could you please help us, to redirect some of our pages to based on IP
> address.
> We have used SmartRedirect program but it is not working on with some of
> our ISP's IP address. We are located at India, and like to have some
> language specific pages to be displayed to our Indian user while english
> language to other world.
> Thanks,
> Hemant Kumar

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