This could be done by having a conf file through which you could
get the IP address of the machine from where the request is come. 


///////// This is a seudo ////////
* This is the conf file conf.php

// gets IP of the machine from where the request is come
$IP = GetEnv("REMOTE_ADDR");
// gets IP of the server  
$IP = GetEnv("SERVER_ADDR");

// the ISP's IP

$tamilISP =;
$hindiISP =;
$kanadaISP =;
$telguISP =;

if($IP == $tamilISP)
  $page = "tamil.php";
  $lang = "tamil";
elseif($IP == $hindiISP);
  $page = "hindi.php";
  $lang = "hindi";
elseif($IP == $kanadaISP)
  $page = "kanada.php";
  $lang = "kanada";
elseif($IP == $teleguISP)
  $page = "telegu.php";
  $lang = "telegu";


You can include the above conf file in other scripts of yours and you and 
do a check according to your need, and display pages according to the
result of the check. 

Good luck 

Nilgiri Networks.

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Could you please help us, to redirect some of our pages to based on IP
> address. We have used SmartRedirect program but it is not working on
> with some of our ISP's IP address. We are located at India, and like
> to have some language specific pages to be displayed to our Indian
> user while english language to other world. Thanks,
> Hemant Kumar
> DInsol.com
> http://www.dinsol.com/

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