I did as you suggested and changed over to an input tag.  Works great, but
without your suggestion regarding the underling (someplace_y), I'd have
never made it.
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> instead of using an image map, put the image in
> <input type='image' src='<location_of_image>' name="someplace">
> and when you click on the image.  it will submit the form, which you can
> have pointing at someplace.php,
> and then when you parse the GET/POST vars you can look for the variables
> someplace_x & someplace_y.
> this will give you the x / y axis you are looking to find.
> Jim Lucas
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> Subject: [PHP] Address unknown
> Help,
> Some one please tell me to RTFN!, but first tell me where to look. :-)
> I have a page with an image of a map which delivers the following info to
> the address bar of someplace.php.  the <img src=image.gif ismap> html code
> delivers the coordinates of the cursor when clicked.  What I want to do,
> get the following so that I can parse it.
> file:///C:/php/museum/DB_MUSE/someplace.php?98,165
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Hugh
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