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> Thank you for your help regarding parsing the url (Hey, go figure, they
> named the function almost exactly the same as my question.).
> I am still at sea about getting all the information from the url header.  If
> I leave the brackets empty [e.g. parse_url() ] I get an error saying I have
> a parameter mismatch.  When I fill the brackets with $query_string, I get an
> answer but it's in the form of an array.  Finally when I echo the array, the
> "query" string echos in the "path" slot.  Any ideas?
> Hugh
> $p=parse_url($QUERY_STRING);
> echo $p[host]." 1 ".$p[path]." 2 ".$p[query]." 3 ";

If you feed parse_url() something other than a URL (a query string being a 
URL *fragment* rather than a URL itself), it's not surprising that it will 
return weird results.

When you echo $QUERY_STRING, what value are you getting?  For...

> > file:///C:/php/museum/DB MUSE/someplace.php?98,165

I'd expect it to be "98,165".  IOW, pre-parsed, no need to parse_url().


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