I think you might need to use

$source = ImageCreateFromJPEG('map1.jpg');

I've created several maps using this method, although I am using PNG. You
could see them at our web site but unfortunatly it's not parsing PHP
correctly. Something went wrong during migration, but might be fixed in a
couple of days.

"Hugh Danaher" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message

I have an image file which is a map of the local area.  I want to put
symbols on the map at various points, but I first need to get the php image
function to work.
My site has imaging enabled and I can create graphs from scratch, but this
has stumped me so far.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


code? below:

$image=imagecreate(400,400);  // created image

                                        // source image info
$imageinfo = getimagesize($source);
$source_00=0;                   //  origin (0,0)
$image_00=0;                   //  origin (0,0)

imagecopy($image,$source, $image_00, $image_00, $source_00, $source_00,
$source_width, $source_height);              / / this is line 36.

Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in
/www/site.com/somepage.php on line 36

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