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> Subject: [PHP] How do I get htaccess files to take effect?
> This is my first time attempting to use htaccess files. I am 
> running Apache 1.3.20 with PHP v4.0.6 installed as a module.
> Within Apache's httpd.conf file I have the following value set:
> [snip]
> What I am attempting to do is alter PHP's include path 'on 
> the fly' rather than specifying an overall value within php.ini.
> The problem I have though is that the 'include_path' value does
> not appear to be picked up. Am I using htaccess files correctly
> or do I need to alter some other values within Apache's
> httpd.conf file??

What you've got so far looks fine.

The other thing that you'll need, though, is an appropriate
"AllowOverride" value in your httpd.conf for the server or directories
in question.  


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