Something along the lines of:

if( ereg("/confirm.php", $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) )  {
        Header("Location: thanks.php");
}else {
        Header("Location: index.php");

You might want to do some additional checking as well.. the above would
match both "/path/to/confirm.php" as well as

I'll leave that sort of stuff up to you :)

On Wed, 30 Jan 2002, jas wrote:

> Ok I think I know what I need to learn... how can I do a redirect based on
> whether or not a user came from a certain page?  For example... if a user
> comes from a page called confirm.php then it takes them to a page called
> thanks.php and if the user came from a different server or typed the url
> directly then it would redirect the user to the index.php page?
> Thanks in advance...
> Jas
> P.S. A tutorial on this would definately prevent me from posting the same
> question again. =)
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