Hey guys,

I'm running a RH7.2 box with apache 1.3.20 installed and php-4.1.1
installed as a DSO.

Everything is working fine, except that the output from any date() or
time() references is 16 hours behind the system time (and hwtime) on the

The machine gets its time from an ntp server which is correct; this setup
is similar for other boxes on the network which have no problems with the
date or time in php being correct.

If I output date('T') then the correct timezone (EST...I'm in Aus) is
displayed, but any time or dates are 16 hours behind.

Where does php read the time/date values from? Is there something I can
tweak or something that I should look at to correct this? I know I could
kludge around it in users php code by tacking an extra 16 hours onto each
value but obviously that's not a good solution for a box which will be
used by others!

Any thoughts / headsup would be appreciated.


  Anth Courtney - Systems Administrator / Programmer

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