There is no way. How would you then know if the checkbox was checked or
I use 'em like this
<input type=checkbox name="private" value="myValue">
and then check if $private is "myValue" or not.

If you really have to get some data thru, use hidden inputs.


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Subject: [PHP] Checkboxe problem

I have a form with 1 checkbox and have coded it like this:

<input type=checkbox name=private>

When the form is submitted, $HTTP_POST_VARS[private] only exists IF
checkbox is checked.  It doesn't exist otherwise, which is causing a
problem because there are several other elements before and after.  What
happens is the value AFTER "private" is actually populating "private" if
"private" is empty (not checked).  I am, no doubt, missing something
small, but critical here. Can someone point out the error of my ways and
explain how to get the checkbox key/value pair into the post vars array
when the value is not checked?


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