Technically that would be multiplexing and not really multithreading, but 
it's a good idea. (One I had a few months ago -- I wrote a search engine 
for work in PHP that works prety much exactly as you both describe.)

The sockets extension for PHP will allow such functionality using 


John Lim wrote:

> Hi Bart
> This can be simulated using non-blocking sockets. However this is one time
> when using
> Perl or Python might be a better solution (sigh).
> Bart Frackiewicz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi,
> a few days ago i saw here a thread about multi threading, but this didnīt
> answer my question.
> I have a page, that must search the best price in multiple databases/plain
> text files and perhaps one day xml-interfaces, some of them can be located
> on extern hosts, every search can be a single function/object method.
> In my dreams i call this in multi thread (with a timeout functionality) to
> handle lost connections or anything else that would cause endless queries,
> and return after this to print out the results. Is this possible with any
> function today? Or will this be possible in future?
> Best Regards,
> Bart Frackiewicz

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