On Wednesday, February 6, 2002, at 12:16  PM, Raymond Lilleodegard wrote:

> So... how do I get only one row from the "product table" and two rows 
> from
> the "price table" in one line in a page?

Use this query:

SELECT producttable.onerow, pricetable.onerow, pricetable.tworow
FROM producttable, pricetable
WHERE [use variable to constrain query here]

This is valid for if you're using MySQL or other ANSI-standard database, 
I think.

Then run your query against the database, and use one of the db 
functions (like mysql_fetch_assoc()) to pull your data out of the 
query's array.  Pull out the data you want and assign it to different 
variables, then echo those variables surrounded by whatever HTML tags 
you want.

Standard procedure, unless you're asking something different.



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