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>On Wednesday, February 6, 2002, at 04:08  PM, Floyd Baker wrote:
>> Now I need to make this work using the session register. I have the
>> all this working and passing defined variables ok.
>> How is this done with a manual input?  I have tried to use the same
>> input line as before....
>> print "<INPUT TYPE='text' NAME='rate[]' VALUE='$rate' SIZE='5'>";
>> but cannot integrate it into the session register.    I have also
>> tried track_var configurations with no luck.  I can get $vars into the
>> register but I need to input values to an array manually.
>I thought that with 4.1, you didn't need to use session_register().  
>Rather, you just define the variable you want in the $_SESSION array:
>$_SESSION['rate'] = $rate;
>But maybe that's not what you want... ?
>PS: you could get this value into the default by doing
>print "<input type='text' name='rate[]' value='" . 
>$_SESSION['rate'] . "' size='5' />";
>IOW, concatenation.
>Erik Price
>Web Developer Temp
>Media Lab, H.H. Brown

What I'm trying to do would be more like the reverse...  I don't have
$rate predefined but need to input it manually via a form.  It needs
to go into the session register, not be read from it.    

How does one make a manual *form* entry go directly into the session
register.  That's about the basic idea I think. 
I can make name='rate[]' work the old way but can't get name='rate[]'
into the session register.  



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