Since I'm the only one who uses php at work I run into a 
little problem and was hoping maybe someone could help me. I've set up a 
Mysql database that has an event time. I've set the field in the table 
as:   eventtime  time DEFAULT 00:00:00.
When I go to print the eventtime I'm pulling it out of Mysql with the 
following code snippet

  while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
           $dateofevent = $row["dateofevent"];
           $sponsor = $row["sponsor"];
           $location = $row["location"];
           $eventtime = $row["eventtime"];
           $contact = $row["contact"];

All of this works. I connect to Mysql and pull out the data.

Then I'm formatting $eventtime with $etime = date("g:i a", $eventtime);

The problem is that when I print $etime in an html table all I get is 6:00 
pm  for all the events. When I print $eventtime I get the correct time that 
is stored in Mysql.  My question is am I doing this correctly or do I need 
to use another function to format a mysql time.

Thanks in advance.

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