I posted about this a few days ago. I received several responses but
none of them were very helpful (thanks for the effort though). I finally
figured out what it was by process of elimination. At the top of my
registration form, I put session_start() just like I did for all my
other scripts. Well it turns out that by doing this, for some reason, it
clears the form. I have a hunch that the cookie request by
session_start() has something to do with it. Well, the only reason
someone would be at the registration form would be if he/she was not a
member, therefore the session ID would be pointless.
This is the major flaw of PHP's built in sessions imho: If a user
disables cookies, the session functions assign the session ID to the
constant SID. However, if the SID is not passed on religiously, a new
session will be made. In an instance like this where session_start()
cannot be used, you can't pass on the SID. It seems like I'm just going
to resort to requiring that my users enable session cookies. The hastle
of making the code to use both SID and/or cookies just doesn't seem
worth it. If anyone has any ideas of a resolution to this problem, feel
free to post here or email me.

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