Probably the easiest way is to not get to that point at all in the first
place. Just use a client-side javascript  form validation script to prevent
un-filled fields from even occurring.

Another way around ths is to create tempory session variables on the
processing page, and if some of the form fileds( ie : all the form fields
are not filled out) you could redraw the form and fill the fields in with
those temp vars.

Hope these help you out, Joe :)

Compman86 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I posted about this a few days ago. I received several responses but
> none of them were very helpful (thanks for the effort though). I finally
> figured out what it was by process of elimination. At the top of my
> registration form, I put session_start() just like I did for all my
> other scripts. Well it turns out that by doing this, for some reason, it
> clears the form. I have a hunch that the cookie request by
> session_start() has something to do with it. Well, the only reason
> someone would be at the registration form would be if he/she was not a
> member, therefore the session ID would be pointless.
> This is the major flaw of PHP's built in sessions imho: If a user
> disables cookies, the session functions assign the session ID to the
> constant SID. However, if the SID is not passed on religiously, a new
> session will be made. In an instance like this where session_start()
> cannot be used, you can't pass on the SID. It seems like I'm just going
> to resort to requiring that my users enable session cookies. The hastle
> of making the code to use both SID and/or cookies just doesn't seem
> worth it. If anyone has any ideas of a resolution to this problem, feel
> free to post here or email me.

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