First, I'm going to apologize for posting when I don't even lurk any 
more, much less contribute. :-|

Those of you who remember me from back in the day will probably 
forgive me -- Those of you who don't, well, what can I say?  "Time 
and Tools" is how an old friend and I used to put it.

Speaking of Tools (and Time, for that matter), the REAL purpose of 
this post is to announce that I've (finally!) gotten around to fixing 
the cobbler's kid's shoes, and the "PHP Technology Comparisons" page 
is back in operation.

This page originally started when I got tired of the "Which PHP 
Shopping Cart Is Best?" thread (for the 40th time) back around in 
1998, I think...  I decided it was time to once and for damn well all 
survey the public and get the answer and never have to sit through 
*THAT* thread again.  (Well, in theory...)

Anyway, this application will probably win an award for crudest 
interface of all time, but the darn thing works.  (Dammit Jim, I'm a 
Programmer, not a Designer!)

And, since you see the previous voter's results as you vote, no 
pollster worth their salt (or whatever pollsters get paid in) is 
going to consider it valid.  Yeah, whatever.

I did at least replace the text headings across the top with some 
nifty dynamic images with vertical text, so you only have to scroll 
half as much horizontally as you used to...  As if anybody even 
remembers the stupid page that's been dead for half a year or so... 
You still can't see all the features at once, but it's half as bad as 
it was. :-)

Of course, in fixing it up, I've decided to start adding new 
Technologies to compare every month or so (solely subject to my whim, 
of course).

At the moment, the comparison in question is:
(drum roll please)

"PHP Optimization Technologies"

So whether you think the Zend Cache is the bomb or not, here's your 
chance to vote for it on the features and technologies *YOU* think 

Anybody on the planet (okay, anybody who can use a web-browser) can 
nominate their favorite (or most-hated) "Solution", and, similarly, 
anybody on the planet (repeat disclaimer) can nominate an important 

Voting is strictly on the honor system, since you know and I know 
that *ANY* on-line poll can be rigged, schemed, gamed, or otherwise 
hacked, I've decided to not even *bother* with *ANY* kind of control 
whatsoever other than your honor.

Think of it as an wide-open free-form People's Choice meets Consumer 
Reports, where you decide what the features to compare are, and you 
decide which products to rate, and, come to think of it, you decide 
which ones are the best.

Fortunately, this is the 'Net and we all end up with the collective 
wisdom of as many of you as bother vote, instead of 6 mystery guys in 
the employ of Consumer Reports, eh?

Naturally, the old PHP Shopping Cart results are still available, and 
you can even vote on the old survey[s] if you want (mostly because it 
was easier to leave it alone than to hack it to stop you from voting).

So if you're looking for a shopping cart, and want to see how they 
all stack up, this is the place.

Similarly, if you're looking to get more out of your PHP-enabled 
web-server, you know what to do:

Release the hounds!!!

PS  I was going to do "PHP Code Profilers" only there don't seem to 
*BE* any :-(  Please, somebody prove me wrong...
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