At 06:34 PM 2/11/2002 +0200, val petruchek wrote:
>Hello, list!
>I'm looking for analog of Mysql password() func in MsSQL. My goal is not to
>store certain field (i.e. user passwords) as a clear text.

I don't know the equivalent off the top of my head, but a coworker of mine 
has used it before.  Let me know if no one gets back to you and I'll ask 
him what it is.  I do remember that he said it was "unsupported and 
undocumented", at least in SQL Server 7.

Alternatively you can do what I do and use the PHP md5() to hash the 
password before you store it, and then md5() any supplied password and 
compare it against the stored hash.  In other words, you can accomplish the 
exact same thing that MySQL does, only you do it in PHP and not MySQL...

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