At 09:26 AM 2/12/2002 +0200, val petruchek wrote:
>My current project runs on Win2k, MsSQL 2k, and PHP 4.0.6
>My problem is that i can not enable md5 extension because of
>"Unable to load dynamic library 'c:\windows\php\extensions/php_mcrypt.dll' -
>The specified procedure could not be found. in Unknown on line 0"

You don't have to load the mcrypt extension to use md5(), they are two 
seperate things.  m5() is a function built in to PHP.  Mcrypt is used when 
you want to encrypt something and then later decrypt it, where md5() is a 
one-way crypt...once you have hashed something with md5() it is impossible 
to retrieve the original string from the hash...

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