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Steven Walker wrote:
> If data is missing or incorrect, the user is alerted to 'go
> back'... but upon going back in history, all the data that was in the
> form is lost. This did not occur on my regular not-secure web server.

Page caching.  You can alter that through the header() function.  But, a
cleaner way handle user validation problems is to reprint the form and data
on the present page.  I like to have both the initiating form and the form
validation take place in the same script.  Put the form itself in a function
or an include file.  The form should use PHP variables in the value.  If
there are validation problems, tell the user what's up and have the script
re-display the form and the data they just entered will be filled in!  An
example of such an input element would be...

    <input type="text" name="foo" value="<?php echo $foo; ?>" />



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