ah! ,i to me it forgot i try only $HTTP_REFERER and not result

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ok gays, thank for all, but i try and no result good :-(

look this :

My PHP-Script :

echo ' Prueba de Email<br>';
echo ' Enviar esta página a un amigo<br>';
$referer = getenv("HTTP_REFERERl");
mail ('[EMAIL PROTECTED]','Prueba de email',$referer);
echo ' enviado..';

Well this script i execute and the result is:

Prueba de Email
Enviar esta página a un amigo



 this is not my URL, so I need the URL that I am visiting



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On 13 Feb 2002 at 14:40, Rick Emery wrote:

> Renato,
> To send mail, use PHP's mail() function:
> mail($recipient,$subject,$message,$headers);
> You can reference $HTTP_REFERER directly without saying getenv(HTTP_REFERER)

Yeah, and if your mail function is being called within a function, just say:

Hope that helps.
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> From: Renato Salvatore Moya L. [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 2:34 PM
> To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]; Stalmannen
> Subject: [PHP] Re: mail headers
> Importance: High
> Hi, i'm writte from Chile. If you writte to little php-script for send mail,
> what send you mail ?.
> I question you, because i'm writte a tipical php-script " tell a friend",
> but i have problems with "getenv(HTPP_REFERER)", because send only my https
> fixed.
> Renato.
> Stalmannen ha escrito:
> > Hej!
> >
> > I have a question. I send mail from a php-script with the mail()-function.
> However the smtp server I use has a wrong time set. Can I set the sent-time
> through the headers so I take my web-servers time? and how then?
> > Thankfull for help.
> >
> > /Kalle
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