<form method=post action=<? echo $php_self; ?>>
<input type=radio name=FORM_ITEM value="TextHere|5">
<input type=radio name=FORM_ITEM value="OtherText|10">

Op woensdag 13 februari 2002 23:04, schreef Police Trainee:
> good evening gentlemen. I am attempting (with my oh so
> limited php writing abilities) to write a script that
> will take the second "part" of a form item's data and
> process it separately. To elaborate:
> <form method=post action=$php_self>
> <input type=radio name=FORM_ITEM value="TextHere,5">
> <input type=radio name=FORM_ITEM value="OtherText,10">
> </form>
> When processing, I want the first part of the value
> (TextHere or OtherText) to be used for one thing and
> the second part (5 or 10) to be used to compute
> something else. How would I write a script to
> "separate" or pull only one of the parts of the value
> out?
> help greatly appreciated as i continue my learning
> process of php.
> -mark
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