For a site I work for, I've found two decent uses:

0. Our logo is dynamically created on demand. The logo features a random 
"DNA-blot" distibution and a random wave-like pattern, some like what you'd 
see in a graphic equalizer on a stereo display. Each time our logo is 
viewed, it's slightly different, even though they all look more or less the 
same. (The pattern of blots and the wave nodes is slightly different, but 
the lettering and such is the same.)

1. We can create graphs and such for our site logs on demand, i.e. we track 
usage stats for users and can display a ton of statistics through a handful 
of PHP scripts on a per-demand basis. 

There's a lot of stuff you can do with the GD extension. Check out some of 
the slide shows on, like Rasmus' Spinal Injection or 
whatever the hell it's called. Has a few good examples in it.


Spyproductions Support Team wrote:

> Thank you to anyone looking into my question, but it is moot; seems the
> two
> scripts I was given initially are just buggy.  I found one that isn't, and
> it works fine.
> Anyone have any idea what would be a practical application of GD nowadays?
> Doesn't seem to be practical to me.....
> -Mike

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