Maybe you can put a small iframe in the HTML which will refresh on some basis (3secs 
for example), and in the HTML of this
html you do the popup - window() or alert(). what you choose. the message which is 
sent(from the peer1 to server) is stored in db
(or file) but have to stored somewhere till it is sent to the end user.

Best regards,
Andrey Hristov
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Subject: [PHP] Sessions

> Speaking of sessions, I was wondering if something like this is even
> possible:  Users log on, each has their own unique session..  Is it possible
> to do some sort of instant messaging deal with this?  Like, on the main page
> is displays everyone that's logged on, then you maybe choose their name from
> a form, type in a message, then a pop-up box appears with the message to the
> user?
> I only know how to use sessions for authentication, something like this I'd
> have no idea where to start.  If it is possible, could someone point me in
> the right direction?
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